SCRGT excels at delivering innovative ideas, methods, and technologies that ensure success.

Innovation. For our federal government customers, innovation means creating and implementing new processes and services that affect positive change for their constituents. Their success is determined by being able to deliver these needed services effectively with a positive customer experience. Yet, as the sociopolitical and mission environments change, so do their needs, requiring that associated government services evolve.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the surrounding uncertainty has highlighted and heightened the need for agencies to more rapidly innovate, repurpose existing knowledge and resources, and change how they provide their services and support in a new and different environment. While the pandemic’s worst effects will eventually subside, it is only one of a number of factors that have forever changed how the world operates. A trend is clear: the unexpected has become our new normal. Increasingly, agencies must operate and maintain a capability for constant innovation to rapidly evolve and meet the challenges on the horizon.

Salient CRGT, just like federal agencies, must maintain a strong culture of innovation to deliver high-value solutions to our clients, making a positive impact for them and their users. In times of uncertainty,
rapid innovation is critical to success.

As a company, our ingrained agility and innovative capabilities allow us to quickly pivot and deliver evolving services and solutions for our clients’ benefit as their needs change. From our senior management, who constantly challenge the company to think creatively, to our project teams, who bring inventive and knowledgeable technology applications to achieve client mission objectives, Salient CRGT helps drive client innovation. Technologies such as Agile software development, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), data analytics, cyber security, and cloud computing are but a few of these examples.

Throughout our company, innovation is embedded in the way we deliver day-to-day technical services. And, just as our agency clients continue to innovate to meet their goals, we also continue to evolve how we deliver. To maximize engagement from our technical staff, we have created virtual Innovation Centers as a matrixed, distributed team of subject matter experts embedded throughout our project teams.

We leverage our subject matter experts to share their knowledge and expertise with their own team as well as with other delivery teams across our client programs.

This democratizes knowledge sharing and opportunities for our staff and delivers more realized benefits to our clients through real-world technology application experience and shared lessons learned.

You will find Salient CRGT innovative solutions and services delivering real impact in real-time at:

  • FDA, where we developed a new business portal supporting multiple federal agencies to track inspections of regulated companies, facilities, and shipments. Our client, the FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs, received a 2020 FedHealthIT Innovation Award for this solution.
  • DHS, where we used Continuous ATO techniques like mapped penetration tests and integrated test tools to enhance the agency’s security posture while decreasing the accreditation timeframe for mission applications.   
  • HUD, where we developed the mainframe modernization solution, implementation estimates, and documentation for submittal to the Federal Technology Modernization Fund, becoming one of the initial approved funding recipients.
  • U.S. Navy, using advanced data analytic solutions such as Databricks and Tableau, Informatica, and AWS data lake technologies, we designed and developed the data and business intelligence layers of a modern data warehouse, consolidating 55 different legacy applications to one virtualized data environment.
  • PBGC, USPS, USCIS, and FDA, using CI/CD techniques to manage daily, and sometimes hourly, releases for hundreds of websites, dozens of mission-critical applications, and petabytes of data.

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