Appix™ Cash

Solutions for the capital markets and retail banking industries

For cash settlements and management, nothing beats the Appix™ Cash solution. Leveraging the Appix™ Cash product from the Appix™ Financial Services Platform, you can safely automate your cash settlement processes, whether you run a wire desk, corporate treasury operation, or securities trading back office. Appix™ Cash can turn your cash settlements process into an operation that minimizes the number of human touches, making it faster and more accurate than manual systems. At the same time, you can have all the checks you need to keep cash clearance transactions safe and secure. Appix™ Cash automates the wire approval process, while providing your risk management organization with oversight mechanisms to address audit and compliance concerns. Appix™ Cash frees you and your staff to spend time more productively.

System Offerings

  • Ability to match incoming wires to your receivables
  • Real-time editing of outgoing wire requests
  • Cash management features
  • Unique features for Capital Markets firms, like netting payments
  • Audit and regulatory compliance features
  • Manage workflow by transmitting settlement status to upstream and downstream systems


  • Automate routine tasks to reduce errors and free back office staff for higher level duties
  • Process more transaction volume while maintaining or reducing existing resource levels
  • Reduce audit and compliance issues by automating multiple levels of approval and recording detailed cash wire transaction history
  • Customize performance to your unique business rules and workflow, streamlining operations and making more strategic use of existing resources
  • Ensure security and reduce audit and compliance issues with multiple authorization levels
  • Monitor activity using a wide array of reports

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