Appix™ Mortgage

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Automate MBS Pool Allocations for Maximum Returns, Minimal Fireworks 

If the limits of manual operations have kept your office from settling mortgage-backed securities in a 48-hour day and prevented you from retaining the best pools for your portfolio, the solution is just a phone call away. At Salient CRGT, we view our customers as long term partners, and our MBS experts thoroughly understand how frustrating and costly fails can be, as well as what it takes to prevent them. We also know the challenges of searching for relative value during a frenzied 48-hour day. That’s why we created the Appix™ Mortgage product to fully automate MBS processing, delivering the maximum advantage in the marketplace to your business.

Result? Elimination of fail costs, lower overall costs, and greater returns. Appix™ Mortgage creates a smooth operation with greater profit potential and less volatility on notification day.

As a part of the Appix™ Financial Services Platform, Appix™ Mortgage is a business solution designed by MBS business and technical experts to support institutional investors buying and selling fixed income securities. By automating routine tasks and transactions, the system makes your entire operation more efficient and allows you to process more volume while streamlining operations, resulting in better bottom line results.

  • Provides the foundation to establish a reliable automated solution that grows with your operation, while achieving higher levels of efficiency and investment returns.
  • Helps you manage and settle MBS inventory. It completely automates TBA allocations and the electronic pool substitution process.
  • Provides your back office team with innovative methods for filtering and retaining valuable pools, reducing settlement costs, and can even incorporate your firm’s custom pool analytics. None of this would have been possible without the efforts of our subject matter experts — people who know your industry and can make a real difference in the way you operate.


  • Electronic Pool Notification (EPN): Our FICC-certified application provides enterprise class reliability and throughput to make your operations volume insensitive.
  • Pool Filtering: Enables you to configure custom filters based on pool characteristics so you can evaluate MBS pools for relative value when turning to sell, keeping your “good” pools in inventory and maximizing your portfolio gains.
  • Flip (Automated EPN Turns): One of our most valuable features, Flip puts you in “auto pilot” mode, turning EPN messages from buy TBA trades to sell TBA trades in “lights-out” fashion without user intervention.
  • TBA Allocation: Assigns pool inventory to TBA trades in good delivery millions (GDMM) and automatically verifies STIP trades. When sell trades are allocated, outgoing EPN messages are automatically sent to the FICC.
  • Pairoffs: Automatically identifies all potential pairoffs for a product, coupon, contra-party, account, and specified settlement date across all funds and accounts.
  • Electronic Pool Substitutions: The process of handling incoming and outgoing electronic pool substitution messages is completely automated.
  • Support for Multiple Funds: Appix™ Mortgage can support large, multi-fund asset managers with unique features for the buy side of the market.

Get the Appix™ Mortgage datasheet. For more information, please contact Appix™ Inquiries, or call 571.766.2834.