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Automate Back Office Operations and Take Control of Settlement Day

If you’ve had enough of the fire drills on settlement day and would like to automate more of your back office operations, it’s time to take a good look at Appix™ Securities. This remarkable fixed-income solution automates many of the routine tasks and transactions that are now conducted manually by your back office operations. Appix™ Securities is ready to show you what’s possible with technology designed by people who know your industry inside and out – our subject matter experts.

The result? A more-streamlined operation with some welcome peace of mind on settlement day. Appix™ Securities is a full-featured fixed income settlement solution for securities back offices. It incorporates all functions necessary to automate real-time continuous settlement, exception queues, fail tracking, intra-day balances, and end-of-day depository reconciliation with the DTCC, Federal Reserve Bank, custodian banks and major clearing institutions. Its powerful “expectations versus actuals” paradigm provides immediate notification of unmatched deliveries while settling matched trades in real-time.

  • Improved Back Office operations through automation of key tasks, access to real-time inventories and balances, and comprehensive reporting
  • Multiple edit checks and customizable business rules allow for your most efficient business workflow and SOX compliance
  • Core wire processing system enables secure lights-out, hands-off processing
  • Automated real-time matching of incoming wires
  • Automated real-time editing of outgoing wire requests
  • Automated end-of-day reconciliation with clearing bank/depository
  • Automated population of reversal wire with original wire’s info (ABA, account, IMAD)
  • Unmatched wires remain on the exception queue until researched and matched
  • Time CUSIP balance monitoring


  • System compatibility with major clearing banks and depositories through industry standard interfaces
  • Single screen overview of all settlement activities
  • Automated real-time matching of incoming securities wires and editing of outgoing wire requests
  • Multiple delivery options
  • Automated end-of-day reconciliation with clearing bank or depository
  • Multi-threaded parallel processing that accommodates any transaction volume
  • Automated population of reversal wire with original wire information
  • Customizable workflow, business rules, and edit checks
  • Inventory segregation along business lines – allowing simultaneous independent settlement of like CUSIPs without commingling of inventory
  • Exception processing screen providing closest match algorithms for quick resolution
  • Full audit trails for all transactions
  • Lights out processing where appropriate


  • More efficient operations: Appix™ Securities eases the flow of incoming and outgoing securities to allow for greater transactional security and increased processing volume, while freeing your staff to spend their time more productively.
  • Simultaneous settlement tracking, liquidity management, and cash trading: When paired with Appix™ Cash (our cash management and settlement system), Appix™ Securities provides a powerful transaction control solution.
  • Smooth, non-disruptive transition: Our systems are flexible enough to adapt to your way of doing business, from initial installation through your firm’s future growth and development.
  • Enterprise class reliability and scalability: The system delivers as promised and grows commensurate with your needs.

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