Salient CRGT is now part of GovCIO

Federal Civilian

SCRGT, now part of GovCIO, has been helping U.S. Federal Government agencies succeed for decades.

Federal civilian agencies serve our nation by providing accessible and trusted services that empower citizens to thrive. Even as technology brings new opportunities, most agencies still face a reality that includes the need to modernize legacy technology used for daytoday operations.  

As the need for agility continues to increase, civilian agencies must optimize costs and improve mission responsiveness by moving to secure, modernized solutions, such as Cloud and As-a-Service offerings. They must also better empower decision makers with data-driven intelligence, synthesized across reams of data using advanced analytics. And, now more than ever, civilian agencies must ensure cyber security preparedness and protect data privacy, all while enabling immediate and personalized citizen self-service.

Our many long-term customer relationships and extensive track record of success make us a trusted civilian agency partner in delivering enterprise results.

Salient CRGT, now part of GovCIO, has consistently earned the unwavering trust of our federal customers through an approach that is exceptionally responsive to their needs. These are just a few examples of how we assist customers with a successful journey from legacy technology:

  • For Housing and Urban Development, we are using an innovative automated conversion to migrate from the Unisys Mainframe to a modern software model hosted on Azure Cloud.
  • We are supporting the transformation of the Government Accountability Office’s infrastructure and software delivery, improving responsiveness and quality of service through modern application development practices and hybrid managed service delivery.
  • As a cyber security leader, we introduced a nimble, highly automated continuous accreditation process to help the Department of Homeland Security assure the cyber security posture of systems and users across the intelligence enterprise.
  • We provide business intelligence enabled self-service for the Food and Drug Administration and support the Department of Transportation in supporting data-empowered decision-making using tools such as IBM Watson to ensure hazmat transportation safety.

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