Inspired by our customers’ missions, our primary customer base is the U.S. Federal IT market, one that is well understood by our leadership team. Salient CRGT has a strategic focus on supporting high priority, high growth initiatives in the areas of defense and intelligence, federal civilian, health, special operations, and commercial business.

The health market encompasses a range of complex constituencies from care providers and researchers, to administrators and payers – and ultimately to patients – all of whom are working towards a more proactive, connected, and personalized approach to health.  Understanding and predicting the needs of the health market requires multidisciplinary insight into the scientific, regulatory, administrative and technical trends impacting federal agencies working to improve all aspects of health. Every day, Salient CRGT delivers new technologies and solutions to federal health clients to solve today’s problems, and to anticipate tomorrow’s new challenges, leveraging our more than 500 experts.

Solving Our Customers’ Challenges through Quality Solutions

At the heart of health in the digital age is data.  As electronic health records (EHRs) become ubiquitous, the convergence of patient data and other health information holds the promise of yet to be discovered insights, held hostage by a lack of interoperability, too many diverse standards, and by unstructured content. By modernizing legacy systems, utilizing predictive analytics through our HealthAccelTM methodology, and optimizing the electronic exchange of data, Salient CRGT accelerate our clients’ drive towards deeper understanding and more effective treatment and approaches in health.

Leveraging Our Capabilities to Support Our Customers

Through our core capabilities, such as Agile software development, cloud and hosting, DevOps, health analytics, health domain expertise, and mobility, we’re advancing treatments for military service members and veterans, accelerating the review and approval of new medical products for all citizens, facilitating cancer research, and providing a highly secure hosting environment for myriad health data and software applications. Additional focus areas include:

  • Research and Analysis—Leading expert scientific research and analysis of current clinical delivery best practices to identify trends and predictors for near-term and long-term clinical treatments, and aggregating and facilitating global research efforts to accelerate the development of new cancer therapies.
  • Health Analytics—Performing data analysis essential to successful treatment of the evolving and complex injuries and diseases our armed forces face, such as traumatic brain injury and psychological health, and to support world-wide inspection and assessment of medical product manufacturing facilities.
  • Health Data Innovation—Optimizing new data and interoperability standards to integrate legacy medical records with new electronic health records, and reducing patient appointment wait time and eliminating duplicative testing, prescriptions, and unnecessary travel by setting up electronic exchanges of health data
  • Mobility Integration and Automation—Automating mental health screening for veterans through the development and deployment of a mobile-compatible, electronic screening system
  • Legacy Health System Modernization—Consolidating veterans’ EHRs and modernizing legacy health systems to improve care.

We take great pride in supporting our customers’ missions. Our disciplined, rigorous management approach, allows us to empower our customers to move with greater agility and produce the measurable improvements needed to succeed. To start the dialogue, please contact us.