Special Operations

Inspired by our customers’ missions, our primary customer base is the U.S. Federal IT market, one that is well understood by our leadership team. Salient CRGT has a strategic focus on supporting high priority, high growth initiatives in the areas of defense and intelligence, federal civilian, health, special operations, and commercial business.

Defense and civilian organizations worldwide face the challenges of deploying worldwide telecommunications systems, managing interoperable Strategic Command Centers (SCCs), rapidly responding to emergencies and issuing real-time alerts, and integrating and sustaining complex, mission-critical systems. These customers require solutions that are mission-specific and tailored to each organization’s unique needs.

Whether in austere, overseas combat environments or mission-critical infrastructure environments, Salient CRGT understands environments where decision cycles are increasingly compressed and complex. We remain committed to providing innovative solutions to our defense and civilian customers with specialized needs.

Solving Our Customers’ Challenges through Quality Solutions

Salient CRGT’s unique capabilities enable its teams to providing long- and short-haul telecommunications, enterprise IT, emergency notification and response, and command center solutions to a wide range of government agencies on a global scale. We support our customers’ needs for strategic and tactical decision making that utilizes voice, video, and data services and know that success is defined in terms of lives saved not just specifications met.

Flexibility, rapid response, and staying aligned with our customers are paramount. Our solutions provide immediate alerts, across multiple communication mediums, warning those in range to seek safety or to take action. We incorporate the ability to merge these technologies while accommodating requirements that are likely to change during the course of development. Our solutions enhance our customers’ situational awareness and communications capabilities and enable efficient, effective, and timely decision making, while providing continuous flexibility.

Leveraging Our Capabilities to Support Our Customers

Salient CRGT tailors its special operations solutions by employing a variety of capabilities, such as audio visual (AV) systems integration, command and control, enterprise IT, and telecommunications. This approach has allowed Salient CRGT to deliver the following solutions:

  • AV Systems Integration—Implementing intelligent visual information solutions that enable customers, such as the U.S. armed forces and National Security Agency, to see more clearly, collaborate more fluidly, and make better critical decisions.
  • Command Center Support—Modernizing and upgrading command center equipment and furnishing, installing, and testing equipment that supports organizations’ operations
  • Mass Notification Systems and Electronic Security Systems (MNS and ERS)—Integrating security and anti-terrorism force protection systems that provide timely warnings, reliable connectivity, and optimum situational awareness for commanders and decision makers worldwide
  • Continuous Flexibility—Employing a proven scaled process framework for incorporating the ability to accommodate change into enterprise IT solutions
  • Telecommunications Support—Designing and installing a full range of trusted and secure telecommunications support for voice (VOIP), data, and video systems for the special operations community

We take great pride in supporting our customers’ missions. Our disciplined, rigorous management approach, allows us to empower our customers to move with greater agility and produce the measurable improvements needed to succeed. To start the dialogue, please contact us.