Salient CRGT’s HealthAccelTM approach jumpstarts healthcare modernization, reduces costs, and
delivers solutions to today’s crucial health issues

FAIRFAX, VA – August 30, 2017 – Understanding the pivotal role health analytics plays in advancing towards a more proactive, connected, and personalized approach to healthcare, Salient CRGT’s proprietary approach, HealthAccelTM, is designed to create value from an organization’s health data and transform their journey towards a more modern, data-driven environment.

Through its powerful pairing of health IT and data analytics, HealthAccel can be used to support progress towards solving crucial health issues such as preventing veteran suicides, reducing opioid abuse, and many others. Used by top federal health agencies, HealthAccel’s comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach reduces time and costs by accelerating agencies’ data analytics projects through three key components:

• Health Analytics Framework: Ensuring Mission-Focused Implementation
Through over 450 data analytics implementations, Salient CRGT’s Health Analytics Framework has been proven in ensuring successful technical implementations while remaining focused on agencies’ business missions.

• Health Analytics Companion: Utilizing Past Research to Drive Future Success
Salient CRGT’s Health Analytics Companion includes a library containing more than 500 guidelines, templates, and best practices created specifically for analytics projects. Additionally, Salient CRGT houses more than 350 data analytics experts and 100 health domain subject matter experts available for input on projects.

• Health Analytics Accelerators: Improving Speed, Efficiency and Minimizing Risk
Health organizations are experiencing a continuous state of ever-increasing data. Through agile-focused iterations, Salient CRGT’s Health Analytics Accelerators allow customers to envision what is possible with modern analytics techniques and to quickly begin to reap the benefits of that data. Customized for organizations’ specific challenges and built in Salient CRGT’s Data Analytics Innovation Center, these accelerators leverage modern technologies and help agencies overcome the limitations of legacy data environments.

“Health analytics holds the potential power to transform healthcare organizations and solve the challenges that have plagued the healthcare industry for decades,” said Tom Ferrando, President of Salient CRGT. “Salient CRGT’s HealthAccel employs a mission-first approach by combining our health and data analytics offerings to save agencies time and money and ensure mission success.”

“We recognize health organizations are in continuous flux with rapidly growing information collections across the enterprise,” said Ian Graham, VP of Data Analytics at Salient CRGT, who spearheaded the HealthAccel initiative. “With advancements in technology and decreasing costs of storage and processing power, there has never been a better time for federal health agencies to unlock the insights trapped within their data by leveraging the potential of advanced analytics.”

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