Program Management Control Center

The Program Management Control Center redefines the contractor-government interface with total visibility of all program details and the availability of information. We track every aspect of contract performance and mission support. We monitor performance with video wall environments, workstations, and extended communications via secure mobile apps.

Salient CRGT’s Talent Operations Centers (TOCs) are state-of-the-art command centers whose teams focus their intensity entirely on the management of our most precious resource: our people. Our proven processes drive every activity to develop more quality relationships with the very best talent.

Adding power to our TOC technology, we have integrated our Program Management Control Center (PMCC) to provide you with complete visibility and continuous monitoring of all contract-related activities, including cost, schedule, performance, and risk. Our PMCC generates an automated audit trail of communications and decisions, as well as provides an easy to navigate dashboard that feeds into the TOCs.

The combination of the TOC and PMCC is the best way to deliver the right talent and is essential for managing the dynamic ebb and flow of essential mission tasks and people in a transparent and collaborative environment.