Proof-to-Impact AnalyticsTM

Challenged by increasing complexity and data volumes and variety, organizations must make more effective use of data for faster, better mission results.

Furthermore, threat actors are exploiting data to advance cyber threats, commit financial fraud, and attack critical infrastructure. To survive, organizations can no longer simply report what happened yesterday. To excel, they must use data as a core asset and advanced data analytics to predict and plan for what will happen tomorrow and innovate for a better future.

Proof-to-Impact Analytics™ Solution

Salient CRGT’s distinctive Proof-to-Impact Analytics consulting offering combines people, methods, and tools to transform raw data into actionable proof and forward-looking insights for rapid, data-driven decisions and innovations. We drive mission impacts that result in increased operational efficiencies and improved services to citizens. Our solution harness the power of data to predict and prepare for threats, such as fraud and cyber security attacks, before they happen.

Using our solution, you can extract high value from exponentially growing volumes and variety of data with the speed and precision necessary to realize immediate, significant, and sustained positive mission impact using:

  • Mission-focused analytics
  • Strategy and roadmap for maximum ROI
  • High-impact diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics
  • Best-fit analytics technology solutions (on premise or in the cloud)
  • Compelling proofs of mission impact and ROI

How Does It Work?

Proof-to-Impact Analytics has three core components:

  • Methods–Innovative, Agile analytics development techniques, tactics, and best practices
  • Station–Management framework governing disciplined Agile analytics delivery
  • Studio–State-of-the-art, cloud-based analytics technology laboratory