Talent Operations Centers

Salient CRGT’s Talent Operations Centers deliver what others cannot—immediate program progress and delivery.

USA-white-locationsSalient CRGT has Talent Operations Centers (TOCs) in Fairfax, Virginia; San Diego, California; and Tampa, Florida. We have made a significant internal investment in these centers, including state-of-the-art technologies, and dedicated, focused resources. Our TOCs are unlike anything in the industry; we have a proprietary database of over 650,000 candidates, and our specialists are trained and certified in rapid candidate identification. We know our process leads to results and we track recruitment activity daily.

As the name implies, the TOCs are operations centers, dedicated to performance standards and effective quality assurance processes. These centers are organized based on operational best practices, facilitating communication and streamlining the decision-making process. Our TOCs eliminate program risk and drive mission results—by enabling us to determine with absolute certainty which people precisely meet our customers’ technical and soft skill requirements. For more information, see Program Management Control Center.

Rapid Mission Impact

Our TOCs deliver what others cannot—immediate program progress and delivery. Most companies use the same old recruitment method, they start reviewing resumes after award and hope for the best. For you the customer, this strategy presents you with a limited choice of trying identify whoever is available at that time, or waiting indefinitely to get the right people for the job. Neither of these options are acceptable when delivery is on the line.

Our model is built on a proactive method of sourcing and relationship building that starts before the need arises, allowing us to increase our sourcing and recruiting volume which enables selectivity in our process. We do not wait until award to start identifying the right people. We are constantly engaged with our candidates, building relationships long before, during, after award, and beyond.

Our Holistic Approach

We do not just know our candidates’ resumes, we know their preferences, their career goals, their strengths, their weaknesses, and what would be the best fit for them based on their soft and technical skills. Because we talk to them regularly, we know with absolute certainty which candidate has the perfect skills, experience, and attitude to meet your specific requirements. This is what we bid in our proposals: real people who precisely fit your needs, who are ready with contingent offers to get to work when you entrust us with your program.

Constant Candidate Quality

Our Talent Operations concept is not just about getting the right people right after award. It is also about keeping the right skills and experience in place throughout the duration of your program. We achieve this by continually cultivating a virtual bench of candidates who are prescreened and committed to becoming Salient CRGT employees when the opportunity is available.

Our process ensures we can quickly replace any personnel who depart your program at a commensurate level of quality. We can do this because we focus our sourcing and recruiting efforts towards capabilities that are directly related to current contracts or future pursuits. The talent evaluation process and dedicated facilities enable us to develop comprehensive knowledge of our candidates’ skills, expertise, and strengths, as well as their backgrounds, professional goals, and personality traits. For more information, see Performance Diagnostic™.

The Result is Results

Our methodology is proven. We have been producing measurable results for our customers for more than five years—because it is embedded in our operations and commanded by mission professionals; it is not an HR function. It is designed to provide the agility you need to accelerate mission impact.

The formula is simple: Only the right people touch your program. They start working sooner. They have exactly the right skills so they do exactly the right things right from the start, mitigating just about every type of risk your program faces.

None of this Happens by Accident

Very few qualify to work in our Talent Operations Centers. They are staffed by carefully selected Talent Operations Specialists. We select less than 1% of applicants for the job of Talent Operations Specialist. Each must undergo extensive training to earn and maintain their Talent Operations certification. These are assertive, initiative-taking individuals with superb communication skills. They train constantly and they are held accountable for results in twice-daily stand-up meetings with the operations team.

And those results are impressive. Where other companies can take months to fill positions, our turnaround for both new hires and successors is two weeks or less.

We Are Always Ready to Serve

Our process is nimble and fast, not bureaucratic. We do not just have resumes, we have pre-existing relationships. When we add team members to a project, we keep them there. Through our professional development programs, we retain employees to ensure consistency in the quality we deliver.

We are squarely focused on fulfilling your requirements. There is only one way to do it consistently – we get the people right. We get the program right. Every time. Every program. Every day.